Friday, February 11, 2011

Review of TOS Unit Study Zombie Fire Ants

Recently, our homeschooling family completed a unit study on Zombie Fire Ants, part of the collection of unit studies from The Curiosity Files.  When we first began the journey of learning more about zombie fire ants, we had no idea what was in store!  I thought zombie fire ants, seriously???  Why in the world would anybody want to learn anything about those pests?  After all, our first experiences with fire ants had been nothing but annoying and aggravating, not to mention painful.  Nonetheless, we began our adventure on the learning path to increasing our knowledge of what else but the zombie fire ants.  

E-Book: The Curiosity Files™- Zombie Fire Ants
This was our first experience with unit studies, as well as with learning more about those pesky bugs.  What is a unit study?  Well, a unit study is a well-organized and comprehensive combination of various readings, worksheets, internet links and activities that are combined into a unique learning experience.  For our family of four homeschooling students (ages 14, 12, 10 and 2) the unit study is a true blessing!  After working on this unit study, we found a way to accomplish a great deal of our homeschooling work in a very timely yet worthwhile manner.  AND, EVERYONE ENJOYED IT (even mommy!).  Where has The Curiosity Files been all this time?  Yeaaaa!  I can't believe we've finally found a system that is not only educational but also fun to begin and complete for everyone involved.  I'm truly serious when I say that I did not have to prod, poke or admonish anyone into completing this unit study.  The kids truly enjoyed and looked forward to working on Zombie Fire Ants each day that we worked on it.

The actual Zombie Fire Ants unit study is 91 pages long from front to back.  It has cute and entertaining illustrations throughout, enhancing the fun of completing the unit study. Just looking at the table of contents will spark your interest in learning more about these unique little insects.  It begins with an introduction to zombie fire ants and their Biblical purpose.  This is followed by several math activities that are appropriate for all age groups.  Writing, spelling and vocabulary exercises (including word searches and crossword puzzles) are next, broken down into elementary, junior high and high school categories.  Copywork ( several bible verses that your student can learn and copy), science activities (including instructions for making your own ant farm!), arts and crafts activities, additional information on the zombie fire ants, mini quizzes and answer keys are just a few of the things that you will find in this superb unit study.  I wish I could list and describe all that you would find, but then again, that would take away from the surprise!  An additional plus to this unit study is the option of selecting what exercises/activities you want to do - you may choose to do everything in the unit study, or only a part of it.  You can also set your own pace for completing the unit study.  This makes it very easy to use as it can be modified to fit your family's needs.   Believe me, you will find it well worth your time to take a look at this unit study from The Old Schoolhouse's The Curiosity Files.  

To learn more about the Zombie Fire Ants unit study, visit the Old Schoolhouse Magazine's website at and click on the store tab.  There you will find the Zombie Fire Ants unit study is available for $6.95.  You can also explore the other Curiosity Files unit studies that are available, as well.

I truly hope that if you decide to explore the world of Zombie Fire Ants and other unit studies, you will find this review was helpful to you!  We will definitely be pursuing the world of The Curiosity Files and other unit studies in our future homeschool adventures, and hope that you will find them to be as much a benefit to your homeschooling studies as they have been to ours.

I was not compensated for this review.

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