Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life Before Homeschooling: A Journey

Has anyone else out there ever wanted to homeschool but wasn't in the right situation to do so?  I've often wondered if I was the only one who had been down a variety of paths before homeschooling became possible.  I often think about why God placed me in those situations when I knew, and He knew, my heart's desire was to homeschool my children.  But I do know that I treasure my opportunity to homeschool my children at this point in my life and I truly believe it was God's plan all along.  Just my timing wasn't his timing.

So before homeschooling my children, I held several different positions.  I've been a mental health therapist, a teaching parent at a group home, an in-home day care provider, and a middle school teacher.  All the while, my heart told me that I needed to be at home with my children.   Not a day passes by that I don't reflect on what my family's past situations have been, and how wonderful God is to have carried us through.  I am so very thankful to Him, because I know that I am a homeschool mother and stay-at home mother in His name.

Beginning homeschooling in the middle of my children's education has certainly had its challenges.  I appreciate each opportunity to work with my children and encourage them in their lives' journeys as Christians striving to achieve what God has intended for them.

If you are a parent who has had a unique start to your homeschool experience, I'd love to receive a comment from you.  I hope this brief post has been a source of encouragement and support to anyone who needs it.  Please feel welcome to leave any prayer requests as well.  And remember, I'll be praying for you!

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