Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review of Virtual Nerd

Virtual Nerd is a website geared towards those students who are struggling with mathematics.  A conglomeration of online video resources are used to assist the student in solving a variety of mathematical problems.  In addition, a white board and a live teacher are additional  up to date benefits that work to help the student feel ready and capable of learning.Virtual Nerd LogoVirtual Nerd Logo

Virtual Nerd Logo
Both my son and daughter have used Virtual Nerd since we were asked to review the website.  My son and daughter, who are in the 8th grade and 6th grade respectively, were both impressed with the Virtual Nerd website.  They found it to be easy to use and also to understand.  My daughter especially commented after watching the video on numerical and algebraic expressions that she found it easy to understand what the teacher was explaining.  My husband, a former math and science teacher, also looked through the website and viewed many of the videos.  He found that Virtual Nerd would be a useful tool for teachers, parents and students to use.

Virtual Nerd is available for $49 for a month long subscription.  Other pricing options are available as well if you are in need of a different time frame.  To find out more, visit

I did not receive any compensation for this review.

Friday, January 7, 2011

See n Read review

I was presented with the opportunity to review the product See-N-Read, which is a reading tool developed by CadenaSmith Enterprises.  Dr. Sylvia Smith tells of her daughter Robin's difficulty with reading in school, and how the development of the See-N-Read system helped her daughter overcome numerous obstacles in reading and make great achievements in her academic career.
The See -N-Read reading tool comes in a book size, which is 5 1/2" wide for smaller books and in a document size, which is 8 1/2" wide for larger books or documents.

 In addition, there is also a MemoryMark version, which is the same see-n-read tool with the clear window cut out for the reader to have the option of highlighting the passage read without moving the tool.

Another option is the eSee-N-Read, which is the See-N-Read version for the computer.


The See-N-Read is backed by numerous research studies and child-tested reviews that prove the See-N-Read is an assistive device that helps reduce incidence of skipping words and/or lines and pattern glare.  It is proven to work well for all ages and skill levels as well.
Fortunately, my school-aged children are all very fluent readers and do not have any problems with reading comprehension.  Upon trying the See-N-Read reading tool, they commented that they found it to be useful for keeping their place on a page if they had to stop reading and close their book, as well as helping them to maintain their place on a page while reading.  However, our trials with math are quite different.  The See-N-Read reading tool was helpful in aligning numbers while performing all math operations.  It also helped them to maintain focus on one problem at a time, instead of seeing all the problems at once. This reduced their anxiety while working on one of their more difficult subjects, allowing for our school time to run smoothly.   The See-N-Read reading tool and Memory Mark were both very helpful while completing our homeschool studies.  The eSee-N-Read is also an option and can be downloaded for a free trial at the See-N-Read website,
The See-N-Read reading tool is available in a 6 piece combination pack for $17.99.  It can also be ordered in varying increments if desired.  The Memory Mark can also be ordered in a 6 piece combination pack for $17.99, or in varying increments as well.  To learn more about the See-N-Read reading tools availability and pricing please visit their website at
Overall, I was very pleased with this product's performance.  It truly lives up to what it says it will do to help with one's reading, in addition to numerous other advantages.  The See-N-Read products are highly recommended by this homeschool family!

I received this product for review purposes only.  I did not receive any compensation for this review.