Friday, December 3, 2010

Review of The Master Ruler from Master Innovations

Master Ruler Starter SetMy family and I had the opportunity to use and review the Master Ruler, a neat and highly useful measuring manipulative from Master Innovations.  We received the standard ruler, the metric ruler, the Marvels of Measurement poster and the Master Ruler workbook.  The development of The Master Ruler came about when a teacher recognized that her students were not able to use a ruler without a lot of confusion.  The Master Ruler eliminates this confusion by giving the user a way to distinguish decimeters, centimeters and millimeters through the use of separate layers on the ruler.  Color coding and index tabs  also make it easier for the student to identify and separate, learn equivalent metric fractions, and learn to measure each part of a meter by using its own layer.  The Master Ruler workbook contains about 22 pages of measuring activities as well as an answer key.  Both the workbook and the Master Ruler are appealing and fun to use.  In addition, the Master Innovations website ( is a useful resource for learning more about using The Master Ruler and the other products offered by Master Innovations.  

Master Ruler Starter SetMy family enjoyed the opportunity to use The Master Ruler.  My husband, who is considered the math expert in our family, found that teaching math and measuring skills through estimation with The Master Ruler was useful in the homeschool setting.   Additional worksheets in the workbook would be useful for providing more learning opportunities and reinforcement of the measuring concepts.

To learn more about The Master Ruler and Master Innovations other products, please visit their website at
Measurement poster

I was not compensated for the review of this product.  

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