Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PG Key Review

     PG Key is a small device that makes managing computer safety a lot easier!  When we first received PG Key, we were ready to install the key and find out how it would work.  Having tried out some other alternatives to managing the safety of our family computer, we were wondering if PG Key would be able to meet our expectations.
     Installing the PG Key was fairly easy.  It involved simply plugging in the key, installing the software and then subscribing to the PG Key website to access the full function of the device.  Next, we were able to set up blocks of websites and arrange for notifications when a user attempted to access something that was blocked.  Once this step was met, the PG Key then would regularly record all activities that took place while one was using the computer.  It supplies you with a a movie of what the key recorded, which was a very nice feature.Also, the PG Key recorded all keystrokes on an internet log, which could provide parents with useful information if they were monitoring their children's access to sites that require passwords.
     There were only a couple of dislikes of the PG Key.  Because the key is small, of course there is a concern that it may get lost.  But, the PG Key comes with instructions on what to do if this happens.  Secondly, we ran into a situation that required us to unblock a website.  The wait time for this unblock to take effect was quite lengthy, so it wasn't possible to immediately access the website although it had been unblocked.  Also, we decided to uninstall PG Key but found that our browsers didn't recognize that PG Key had been uninstalled.
     PG Key is a good program with a few minor technical issues involving its filtering features.  It would be a great piece of equipment to add to your computer.  Of course nothing is as good as the direct monitoring of your child while he is using the computer, but PG Key comes pretty close to letting you know exactly what took place during others' use of the computer.  I would definitely recommend it!
If you are interested in PG Key, please visit their website at
I was not compensated for this review.

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