Monday, July 19, 2010

Travel the World Review

I have had the great opportunity to review the product titled "Travel the World", which is a part of The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner (June 2010 module). "Travel the World" is an e-book that can be transformed into a lapbook as well as used in other forms depending on what best suits your needs. You will need to have a globe and a world map available to you while working on "Travel the World". (Globes and maps can be accessed at your local library if you do not own your own.)

The "Travel the World" e-book is comprehensive in that it covers geography, social studies, bible, reading, writing and spelling all in one. The e-book has a variety of links throughout that will give the reader and user the opportunity to explore various topics in depth, if so desired. "Travel the World" is appropriate for upper elementary through high school level students. There are approximately 52 pages in this e-book, all of which are full of great information that will spark the interest of any learner. In using "Travel the World", you will need to review the e-book prior to starting the lesson with your students. A detailed Table of Contents at the beginning is a great way to get an overview of "Travel the World". A considerable amount of reading of geography is required at the beginning of the e-book, but the reader will find plenty of useful links to click on as well as a mixture of motivational, thought-provoking quotes and bible verses scattered throughout the text. Colorful pictures throughout the e-book provide some visual explanations of the material as well. Sections titled "What is Geography?", "What's an Accurate Model of the Earth?", "What About Maps?", "The Land and Waters", and "Continents" provide detailed information that will be useful when compiling information for this lapbook project. Your students will also find fun worksheets such as fill in the blank, crossword puzzles, word scramble, rhebus puzzle and word search included in "Travel the World". There is a section on how to complete a "My Travel Book" as well as a high school expander that make it possible to use this e-book for a variety of grade levels. Because this e-book is accessible through your computer, it would benefit the student who loves to work at their own pace. The student can be an independent learner, or one who needs a lot of guidance. Basically this product will work for a variety of situations and can be manipulated to suit your student's learning needs.

"Travel the World" would be a useful addition to your homeschool curriculum. Although there is a considerable amount of reading in the beginning of the e-book, the clickable links throughout the text break it up. The reading was enjoyable for the most part but not for the student who is below upper elementary grade level. The worksheets and "My Travel Book" are fun to use and make the completion of the lapbook less tedious. In addition, there are numerous links and suggested resources as well as answer keys that are helpful.

If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing the e-book "Travel the World", you can find it at the website for $7.95.

I received this product free of charge for review purposes.


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